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SOC–Amman-Jordan Office
Abdullah Ghoshastreet, Al Hussaini complex, building No.38, 5th floor, office No. 510
P.O. Box  851980  - Amman 11185, Jordan
Office Tel: +962 6 585 1460
Fax: +962 6 585 4092
E-mail: info@starsorbit.org

SOC–Baghdad-Iraq Office
Arasat Al –Hindiya, District 29, Street 13, House 31
Baghdad –Iraq
Mobile: +964 780 770 0777
E-mail: info@starsorbit.org


Technical Quality Assurance Review Mechanisms:

The professionalism of SOC lies in the firm’s ability to provide clear answers to the client’s questions, and to extract value added insights and lessons according to the client’s preferred methodology. Our commitment to this is achieved by fully understanding and agreeing the needs of our clients and by deploying the most appropriately trained and experienced personnel to implement each project.

SOC implement a strict quality assurance system during any evaluation process. The SOC team carries out an ongoing audit of its evaluation methods, processes, and anypotential sources of error  in aspects of the evaluation design or implementation, such as survey questionnaires and other data collection.

Quality assurance is undertaken at key steps of the review process, critically at inception when the methodology is being finalized, and towards the end of the assignment when the draft and final reports are being drafted. The methodology and findings are assessed according to the following criteria:

  1. Meeting needs.
  2. Relevant scope.
  3. Defendable design.
  4. Reliable data.
  5. Sound analysis.
  6. Robust findings.
  7. Impartial conclusions.
  8. Useful recommendations.
  9. Clear reporting.

SOC will ensure that best practice international standards are applied to all activities at all stages in the project cycle and that outputs will be of the highest standard in terms of presentation and content. The key objective of our Quality Assurance (QA) system and policies are to:

  1. Ensure that services fully meet client/beneficiary requirements and represent value for money.
  2. Pursue improvements in techniques, skills and working methods to meet best current practice and changing client requirements.
  3. Provide training necessary to ensure staffs are fully competent and have the required skills for their role.
  4. Endeavour to provide our staff with satisfying work, good employment conditions and opportunities to progress within the company.
  5. Conform to the requirements of international quality standards including the need for continual improvement and in particular to ensure that all staff are involved in and understand their responsibilities towards achieving such improvement.

Main Components of SOC Quality Assurance System:

  1. Supervision of interviewers.
  2. Analysis of non-response.
  3. Pending interviews.
  4. Fieldwork control sheets.
  5. Monitoring interviewer performance:Editing of questionnaire.
    • Spot checking
    • Observing interviews
  6. Evaluating interviewers.
  7. Cleaning of data and analysis of outliers and potential sources of effort.
  8. Triangulation of key findings from multiple data sources.
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