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SOC–Amman-Jordan Office
Abdullah Ghoshastreet, Al Hussaini complex, building No.38, 5th floor, office No. 510
P.O. Box  851980  - Amman 11185, Jordan
Office Tel: +962 6 585 1460
Fax: +962 6 585 4092
E-mail: info@starsorbit.org

SOC–Baghdad-Iraq Office
Arasat Al –Hindiya, District 29, Street 13, House 31
Baghdad –Iraq
Mobile: +964 780 770 0777
E-mail: info@starsorbit.org


What we do

The past decades have brought wars and political instability around the MENA region leading to deterioration in basic services including health, education, human rights and infrastructure forcing millions to suffer and seek refuge in neighboring countries. Therefore there is a serious need to address the poor living conditions of many groups and individuals whether brought about by inadequate or insufficient housing, by poor management of urban space or the run down state of urban services and infrastructure. The quality of services provided by the governments has also declined due to years of neglect and abuse. The cultural heritage sites have been subjected to considerable neglect and inappropriate protection. The effects of the recent conflicts have severely aggravated the problems. SOC aims to participate in rebuilding the Middle East and North Africa infrastructure and basic services by participating when possible in the planning, training, capacity building, implementation, and monitoring of development projects that would lead to the reconstruction and development of modern world.

SOC developed excellent experience in the following areas:

1. Conducting Preliminary Assessment and baseline studies:

To carry out pre-assessment evaluation on behalf of donors to identity the political situation, social environment, economic conditions and security situation that will affect Project implementation, as well as identifying expected stakeholders, beneficiaries and locations that will benefit from the Project.


2. Monitoring and Evaluation:

SOC believes that monitoring, evaluation and analysis is essential for the long-term success of any project implementation. Our approach makes evaluation a central feature of the strategic planning process, to ensure coherence and impact in all projects. We work closely with our clients to develop a detailed M&E methodology and protocols to each best result. During the past 10 years we have developed a range of in-house M&E tools and indicators which are designed to take account of context, allow clients to frame the problems they are tackling and establish subject-specific measurements of effectiveness. Throughout its implementation, SOC developed experience in M&E projects in the following sectors:
  1. Qualitative and Quantitative analysis
  2. Peace building, reconciliation, mitigation and conflict resolution.
  3. Refugee and IDPs Context
  4. Statistical data analysis
  5. Econometric and economics, vulnerable assessment
  6. Educational sector, TVET and higher education.
  7. Women protection and rights.
  8. Health sector and support the health services.
  9. Construction and Rehabilitation projects
    M&E of Schools, Hospitals and PHC construction and rehabilitation projects:
    SOC team have excellent experience in evaluating Hospitals, Public Health Centres and Schools reconstruction and building maintenance. Improvement of the hospital’s physical condition and equipment, evaluating supplying the local community with medical supplies, support comprehensive education sector quality reforms including encouragement of the participation of children, parents and society at large in the education reform processes, promoting greater participation of community/parents/children in the development of education, enhancing educational access for the most vulnerable school age population, particularly girls.

    M&E of water treatment plants, Sanitation and other public facilities construction and rehabilitation projects
    SOC team have excellent experience in the Rehabilitation and Support for Water and Sewage Treatment Plants and Pumping stations, water and sewage testing facilities, and rural water and sanitation systems, increasing access to potable water in urban areas, increasing sewage treatment and access to urban sewerage systems, increasing sanitation services in rural areas, and contributing to improvements in management efficiency.
  • Childs rights accelerated learning projects, child reintegration projects.
  • Poverty Analysis
  • Cash Assistance related projects
  • Government polices revision, assessment and development.
  • Support election
  • Human Logistics Services.


3. Capacity building and training of government and NGOs staff on M&E, governance, finance, proposal writing, result frame work and management. Overall support and build the capacity of NGOs and CSOs.

Our training methods are hands-on and participatory, focusing on exercises which reinforce learning methods. Our team is recognized for the effective use of new approaches such as group work, peer research, learner-led presentations, simulation games, field visits, role play and team work. The training component of SOC focuses on building the capacity of managerial and social development practitioner, government officials, NGOs as well as individuals. Therefore we aim to provide quality training, research and consultancies to contribute to the increase of social integration of vulnerable people, as well as to enhance equal access of opportunities for all individuals.

Below the capacity building trainings for civil society  organizations
  1. The guidelines session
  2. Proposal writing skills
  3. Project management training
  4. M&E training
  5. Financial management
  6. Knowledge sharing workshop
  7. LinkedIn social media tool workshop
  8. Result framework training
  9. Result Based management ‘RBM’
  10. Communication and coordination with donors
  11. Volunteers management training
  12. On job training


4. Conducting Surveys and Social studies.

Through our team covering all governorates in Iraq, SOC have conducted studies and surveys mostly targeting special segment of the society such as pregnant woman, IDPs, veterans, unemployed and many others groups and acclaimed on how to best address the problems under study and emergency needs of these groups.


5. Human Resource Management

Through the expansion of our own team, SOC have acquired a strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization\'s most valued assets - the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business. With full coverage in the MENA& Gulf region SOC have targeted the local communities; screened shortlisted and recruited professionals/workers on behalf of our clients.

What SOC Human Resources Management Team would offer to you:
  1. Staying focused on your goals instead of global Human Resources Management hassles.
  2. Less paperwork and more accurate records.
  3. Reports that help you understand your employees.
  4. How to strategically manage people as business resources.
  5. Make smarter hiring decisions by providing national qualified staff and help them work more efficiently.
  6. Coordinating employee benefits, suggesting employee training and development strategies.


6. Logistics (Organize workshops and conferences and overall projects management). Transportation and Insurance of Experts. Cash Delivery to CSOs and projects.

With the increasing demand of getting experts into the MENA & Gulf region safely, SOC have facilitated travel of experts recruited by our clients into the MENA & Gulf region including high value life, medical insurance coverage and transportation within the country they are in.
The main objective is to carry a safe and timely cash delivery service in behalf of UN and international agencies to various locations around the MENA & Gulf region in line with UN payments instructions and delivery schedule.
Payments to be delivered according to UN payment instructions details (date and amount) and within a maximum duration of 3 working days from receiving the confirmation payment instructions. Moreover SOC is fully liable for all amounts transferred fromSOC bank account until the amount is received by the final beneficiaries around the MENA & Gulf region.


7. Long and intensive experience in managing humanitarian Emergency respond interventions (food and non-food items, water, winterization and other emergency support).

With the ongoing deterioration of the security situation and lack of food and water, the threat of violence has crippled the movement of the people within the MENA & Gulf region. We aim to guarantee that IDPs and vulnerable groups have access to basic, life-sustaining resources in ways that meet internationally accepted standards of care in shelter, water, food supply and non-food items by Emergency Aid.

Women and Children Care projects:
Provide women, children and especially pregnant women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts with the tools and resources to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency, thereby promoting viable civil societies, providing much needed educational and economic opportunities, as well as social services as follows:
  1. Vocational training and Programme (Literacy training, Computer training and career counseling).
  2. Health awareness programs including the need for vaccination clean drinking water and hygiene.
  3. Focus on infant and child health and the ambitious but attainable goal of reducing the infant mortality rate. Maternal Child health programs Equipment acquisition and installation, Medical Surveillance.
  4. Rights awareness, elections, campaigning, and general advocacy training. Income Generation skills for small Business projects.
  5. Social Service Referral (legal and benefits counseling, referrals to police and shelter systems in cases of abuse).
  6. Promote the role of woman in Democracy & Development.
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