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SOC–Amman-Jordan Office
Abdullah Ghoshastreet, Al Hussaini complex, building No.38, 5th floor, office No. 510
P.O. Box  851980  - Amman 11185, Jordan
Office Tel: +962 6 585 1460
Fax: +962 6 585 4092
E-mail: info@starsorbit.org

SOC–Baghdad-Iraq Office
Arasat Al –Hindiya, District 29, Street 13, House 31
Baghdad –Iraq
Mobile: +964 780 770 0777
E-mail: info@starsorbit.org


Who we are

SOC in brief

SOC is a privately held consulting firm and it's uniquely specialized in the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of post-conflict reconstruction and humanitarian assistance projects in the MENA region.

Our strength lies in the long experience of the corporate management team and its extensive network of highly qualified domestic and international consultants.

SOC will focus on, but will not be limited to:

  1. Relevance of the projects as the best options for addressing the post-conflict recovery, reconstruction and development needs and relevant to national priorities.
  2. Efficiency of the projects in delivering the intended results in a timely and best value-for-money manner.
  3. Effectiveness of the projects in addressing the intended results.
  4. Impact of the projects in relation to the intended results.
  5. Sustainability of projects in terms of continuity of project benefits accruing to the intended population groups including the government, state institutions and the people.

The principles we adopt in our projects will seek to ensure:

  1. Independence
    Independence means that the M&E procedure is free from influences that would bias the conduct, findings, conclusions or recommendations.
  2. Objectivity
    The M&E procedure rests on verifiable findings of fact. Judgments are clearly separated from factual statements.
  3. Accuracy
    The data does not contain errors of significance to the M&E procedure. Findings are based on substantive evidence and triangulation.
  4. Credibility
    Credibility is the extent to which the M&E findings and conclusions are believable and trustworthy. It is determined by objective factors such as the accuracy of an evaluation, and subjective factors such as the perceived or demonstrated impartiality and competence of evaluators.
  5. Evaluability
    Whether or not the development intervention is adequately defined and its results verifiable, and if the M&E procedure is the best way to answer questions posed by policy makers or stakeholders.
  6. Participation
    Both donors and recipients are involved in the M&E process. The views and expertise of groups affected form an integral part of the M&E procedure.
  7. Utility
    The M&E procedural process and the information it produces are utilised by users and stakeholders. We place emphasis on ensuring the utility of the M&E procedure process as a means for lesson learning, for encouraging an orientation towards results and driving up quality and cost effectiveness.

We believe that we have the necessary tools to work effectively across the Middle East, and North Africa because of our:

  1. Good knowledge of the region people’s mentality and needs.
  2. Good connections with Respected Public Figures.
  3. Good coverage and sufficient number of highly trained employees.
  4. The capacity to develop and mobilize its operation within a short notice benefiting from the wide base of SOC staff around the region in order to efficiently undertake large-scale evaluation exercises with minimal lead time.
  5. The personal commitment of our “in house” team to serve the people.

SOC presents its services in a:

  1. Professional.
  2. Effective.
  3. Objective.
  4. Integrity.
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