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SOC–Amman-Jordan Office
Abdullah Ghoshastreet, Al Hussaini complex, building No.38, 5th floor, office No. 510
P.O. Box  851980  - Amman 11185, Jordan
Office Tel: +962 6 585 1460
Fax: +962 6 585 4092
E-mail: info@starsorbit.org

SOC–Baghdad-Iraq Office
Arasat Al –Hindiya, District 29, Street 13, House 31
Baghdad –Iraq
Mobile: +964 780 770 0777
E-mail: info@starsorbit.org


Our mission can be Summarized as follows

  1. Provide professional monitoring and evaluation aiming to evaluate the past,monitor the present and Plan for the future on the output about lessons learned of projects funded and supported by International NGOs, UN, and other International Agencies.
  2. Conduct pre-assessment evaluations for intended Programmers.
  3. Conduct pre-delivery inspection for the equipment’s delivered in the MENA region.
  4. Support human resource management and provide national qualified staff.
  5. Design, deliver training, and capacity building activities for management  and social development.

What lies at the heart of our mission

  1. Building trust via flexibility and visionary approach.
  2. Teamwork.
  3. Communication skills.
  4. Ability to Analyze.
  5. Initiative.
  6. Client Focus.

Our vision

  1. Is the way we discover the limits of the possible are to go beyond them into the impossible.
  2. The situation sometimes is only a problem because it is looked at in a certain way. We try tolook at it in another way and the right course of action may be so obvious that the problem no longer exists.
  3. We value partnership with our partners and employees; we develop processes and the environment to empower staff to identify and satisfy donor’s needs. We also continue to develop our business process to successfully support growth.
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