Monitoring and Evaluation


Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring, evaluation, and analysis are essential tools for the efficient implementation and long-term success of any project. In SOC, evaluation is a central component in strategic planning, ensuring coherence and impact on all projects. At an initial stage, we work closely with our clients to develop a detailed understanding of the organization and its overall mandate, the project in question, specific objectives, and the social environment and political context in which it operates. These steps allow us to design tools and indicators enabling our clients to frame the challenges and issues they are facing, and establish subject-specific effective responses.

With more than 15 years of experience in projects’ design, implementation and M&E, SOC has developed a wide range of practical tools to be applied in various contexts, and in technical and humanitarian interventions.

SOC adopts a tailor-made approach to achieve reliable and trusted results that would allow our counterparts to build on them for immediate enhancements and future projects. SOC adopts a comprehensive process that is based on qualitative and quantitative techniques to capture a wide perception of views from the target groups and other stakeholders. The process itself is carried out by SOC’ core team, and contracted individuals selected from SOC’s database of more than 20,000 experts with a wide range of technical expertise in M&E, project management, technical assessment, administration, engineering, and communication and outreach; and with a knowledge and background in various fields such as good governance and public affairs, education, vocational training, economic development, youth employment, social cohesion, human rights and gender issues.

SOC adopts five evaluation criteria throughout the M&E process, namely:


The extent to which the project’s objectives are continuously consistent with beneficiaries’ needs and governmental strategies (including other similar initiatives)


The measure of how resources (funds, expertise, time, etc.) and inputs are converted into outputs and reported accordingly.


The extent to which the project achieves its objectives and outcomes, including the analysis of cost-effectiveness, where possible.


The positive and negative, economic and social change(s) produced or likely to be produced by a project in the mid and long term, whether directly or indirectly.


The measure of whether the effects of the project are likely to continue after its termination, and how.

Our M&E services and technical support in project management are carried out before, during, and after the projects’ implementation.These services are essential to guarantee an ideal implementation and a perfect outcome. Among the goals that we seek to achieve through this operation:

Strengthen our clients’ overall control in terms of project management.

Verify that our client-supported activities are being implemented as planned and meeting quality standards.

Measure achievement of outputs and indicators defined by second parties and implementing partners.

Verify that the responsible parties have sufficient mechanisms in place to ensure transparency and fairness when implementing activities, especially in terms of beneficiaries selection and payments.

Identify the issues, risks, and challenges faced during implementation that need to be accounted for and suggest mitigation plans and alternatives to achieve intended results.