Events Management


Events Management

Events planning is an essential element in the overall project application. However, due to the time, energy, and human resources required in terms of logistics and follow up, this component is in many cases undermined, which jeopardizes the whole project. Outsourcing is one of the most sought solutions.Holding an extremely comprehensive and diversified record in events planning, SOC is an ideal partner in managing conferences, workshops, seminars and more. SOC adopts a creative approach aiming to design events that are memorable and meaningful, taking careful attention to detail and timing, adaptability, and effective delegating.

We work very closely with our clients and develop robust coordination mechanisms to ensure the best results and swiftly mitigate the challenges as they arise to ensure the smooth implementation of the event.

In this context, SOC provides full logistical and administrative support in fields that are considered at the core of any event’s success, including:

The Venue

As per the event’s type, number of participants, duration, and other requirements specified by our clients, the SOC team will provide its clients with a number of options of available venues, and book the one chosen accordingly.

SOC will ensure that the venue is fully equipped and has a functional electronic and audio-visual equipment, and visibility materials (such as banners and/or flags banners, data shows, wireless microphones, audio systems, video services, decoration and signs, photography and stationary), as well as teleconference equipment, Interpretation system (booth, system, receivers and headsets). SOC is also capable of providing this equipment from an external party in case it is not available at the venue itself.

On-Site Support

At SOC, we provide side services that are crucial to the success of the event, planning every step and taking care of the smallest detail in close coordination with our clients, and making sure that all requirements are met.

SOC is a full-service event management agency, providing support and assistance throughout the entire event planning process. While our clients work on setting the agenda, assigning speakers and agreeing on invitees, and are busy in preparing content and presentations, our experienced staff and experts go the extra mile and act as a direct partner on the day of the event, offering an array of services including catering, interpretation and translation, audiovisual coverage, and visibility materials and printing. With our extensive database of diverse vendors, qualified interpreters/translators, and professional videographers and photographers, SOC ensures our clients have everything they need for a successful event.

Accommodation and Transportation Arrangement

Accommodation is another key component in an event. At SOC, we coordinate with our clients to agree on the best options for hotels, taking into consideration all different aspects, particularly the budget, location and proximity to the event, level of service, accessibility, security clearance, and prior experience of dealing with the hotel. SOC will accordingly suggest several options for accommodation.

At the same time, SOC can provide safe and appropriate airport pick up/transfer for the participants in required standards, such as bus, taxis, or vehicles rental for VIPs. SOC also plans safe and appropriate transportation to conduct field visits, meetings, and social events, respecting the highest security standards. Through its network of suppliers, SOC can provide Personal Security Detail (PSD) and armored vehicle transportation services for coverage during special events and emergency situations to escort/protect its contracted personnel and guests to the field.

Visa Application Support

At SOC, we understand that applying for a visa can be a daunting process. To support our clients, we offer a range of services that provide Visa application assistance. Depending on the participant's nationality, we will provide the necessary visa information and applications and advise on the requirements. We will coordinate with the client to ensure that all the supporting documents needed for the application, such as invitation letters, hotel reservations, tickets, copies of passports, and photographs, are available. Additionally, we will fill out the visa application in consultation with the client and participants and submit it to the relevant embassy. Furthermore, we will follow up on the visa approval and ensure that the visa application and supporting documents are submitted in a timely manner.

Per Diem Allowance Reimbursement

At SOC, we are pleased to take over the reimbursement of per diem allowance whenever needed, in full coordination with our clients. Upon request, we will pay out per diem to participants attending a meeting, in accordance with the client's rules and regulations. We will monitor check-in of the participants and use that information when determining the amount of per diem to be paid. We also maintain in our computer database the client's rates for official travel, and will cross-check that against the hotel rates of participants on a monthly basis. If a hotel rate exceeds the client's recommended proportion of the applicable per diem, or in other exceptional cases, we will consult with the client on an ad hoc per diem that may be applicable. Additionally, we will ensure that the necessary supporting documents are collected from each participant, such as an ID copy, visa entry stamp, boarding pass, ticket invoice, visa receipt, and taxi receipt.