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Project Name and Description Year
Baseline evaluation of “Women Making a Difference through Market-Driven Entrepreneurship in Iraq” 2012
Social Protection 2011
Household Survey & Policies TA 2011
Household Survey & Policies Grant 2011
Monitoring and evaluation of four Female Headed Households projects - FHHs 2010
The protection of vulnerable women project in Iraq 2009
Constitutional awareness project for rural women / Babel 2008
Women’s Magazine 2008
Vocational Training -Promoting female IDP opportunities 2006
Expansion of family reintegration model 2009
Advancing Women’s Role in Politics / Babylon Governorate 2008
Constitution awareness conferences and workshops 2008
Well Baby program (Children malnutrition and pregnant women health) 2006
Mid and Final Evaluation of 9 NGOs’ grants
Funded by USIP
Monitoring 8 NGOs grants under the Reconciliation Grant Funds 2009
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