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Project Name and Description Year
Baghdad Water Supply & Sanitation 2011
Water Supply, Sanitation & Urban Reconstruction 2011
Disabilities 2011
Regional Health Emergency Response 2011
Diseases Eradication; Elimination and Introducing New Vaccines 2010
Strengthening Non-Communicable Diseases and Mental Health Control and Prevention Programme” 2010
Preventing cholera and other water-born diseases in Husseiniya, through increasing access to clean water and hygiene awareness 2009
Mobilizing Disabled Groups Around Constitution 2008
Provide life and injury insurance for experts travelling to Iraq. The value of insurance will be US$1,000,000 for life insurance and US$500,000 for injury insurance 2008
Health Awareness Programme - Family Health Teaching for Women and Children 2006
Health awareness project -Mobile Medical Teams for Marshlands in Missan 2005
Rehabilitation and Support a Health Centre 2005
Health Awareness - Preventive Health Examinations in Schools for Marsh Lands 2004
Health Awareness Programme in Marsh Lands 2004
Support Health Services in Iraq 2013 - 2016
Health Rehabilitation 2011
Evaluating the Primary Health Care project in Iraq 2009
Mobile Medical Clinic 2007 / 2008
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