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Project Name and Description Year
Electricity Reconstruction 2011
Community Infrastructure (Supplement) 2011
Rebuilding Food safety and Food processing industry capacity in Iraq 2010
Water Quality Control and Surveillance in Iraq (Phase Two) 2010
ITF funded Infrastructure Rehabilitation Projects
Project Number E4-14
70 ITF funded School Rehabilitation Projects "Project Number B1-22b” 2010
100 ITF funded School Rehabilitation Projects "Project Number B1-29b” 2010
Water and Sanitation: Rehabilitation of sewerage facilities in select facilities in Basra City (E3-13a) 2010
Water and Sanitation: Rehabilitation/ extension of water and sewerage networks in select locations in Kirkuk City (E3-13d) 2010
Water and Sanitation: Rehabilitation of water supply systems in select locations in Wasit governorate (E3-13b) 2010
Community water tanks (30+) installed in Babil during Cholera crises 2009
Sadr city school reconstruction – 4 schools 2009
School and WTU rehabilitation plus installation of WTU in hospital in Chibayash, Thi Qar 2009
Rehabilitation of old Suwaira water treatment plant and water network in Wassit governorate 2009
Monitoring the rehabilitation of two schools in Baghdad 2009
Supervising and managing UNESCO conference in Istanbul for the rehabilitation of the two holy sites in Samera 2007
Supervision for the implementation of the rehabilitation works for 5 schools in Erbil 2007
Construction of a water supply network in Diyala 2006
Rehabilitation of 3 Freshwater Supply Networks and one Freshwater Filtering Compact Unit in Diyala, IRAQ. 2006
Water and sanitation rehabilitation with community support 2006
Rehabilitation of a water project and network 2006
Rehabilitation of a PHC 2004
Community Infrastructure 2011
Marshlands School Construction 2011
School Construction & Rehabilitation 2011
Support to the office if the district officer for Samara city to carry arrangements on the Al Askari Shrine project site 2008
Rehabilitation of a pumping station 2007 / 2008
CU and five water network rehabilitation 2007 / 2008
Supervising over the installation of laboratory furniture in 55 schools in Iraq 2007
Health Rehabilitation 2011
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